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  • Autoresponders – by Carl Burroughs

    In the previous articles in this series I talked about how to get more potential patients to your website through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Ad Words (Sponsored Links), but what happens when you get viewers to your site is another major factor in the long term success of your internet strategy. Whether viewers […]


  • Google Ad Words – by Carl Burroughs

    If you read my article in the last edition of this wonderful publication, you will know that my preference for promoting your website on-line is via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is because there are dozens of credible reports that show the public prefer search results that appear organically (SEO), to the paid for advisements […]


  • Search Engine Optimisation – by Carl Burroughs

    Gone are the days when it could be said that the internet was a future marketing medium or a tool for the young and technically savvy. Today the internet is used by the majority of Australians every day and has rapidly become the most relevant and productive marketing medium for those who embrace it. As […]


  • Referrals are still number one – by Carl burroughs

    I have started my year by catching up with as many of my existing clients around the country as physically possible. This is always an extremely enjoyable process, but also an enlightening one as I get to hear first hand what has been working within these practices from a marketing prospective and also some of […]