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  • Recession: relax you are a Dentist – by Carl Burroughs

    It does not matter where you look at the moment, there appears to be only bad news about the economy. Petrol prices are through the roof, high interest rates and reduced consumer spending. But how is all this doom and gloom affecting you? Well, if you have a mortgage or a car the answer for […]


  • Five Ways to Improve New Patient Flow for Free – by Carl Burroughs

    Most marketing and advertising activities have a cost associated to them. In terms of internal marketing, these costs are usually low as creating such things as practice brochures and education brochures are not hugely expensive and are one-off costs that can be amortised over a number of years. Advertising however can be very expensive and […]


  • What do your Patients Really Want? – by Carl Burroughs

    Most doctors I meet have a view on what their patient’s priorities are, whether it’s clinical excellence, value for money or simply to avoid pain. This understanding of your patient’s requirements is built up over a number of years through discussions with your patients and by their comments to your team. But how accurate are […]


  • How much is your Yellow Pages advertising costing you? – by Carl Burroughs

    Do you know exactly how much every new patient you see has cost you to acquire? If you don’t, I would strongly recommend you add this statistic to your weekly or monthly reports, as it is enlightening. The incorrect use of the Yellow Pages is still the single biggest mistake I witness on a regular […]