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  • Top 5 Tips to Enhance the Power of Your Practice Window

    Standing in the wine and spirits queue, a sign captures a shopper’s attention. The presenter is recommending a new wine, describing it as the “perfect complement to grilled red meat.” Since she’s planning to have a BBQ for friends that evening, it’s a welcome suggestion. Deciding to try something new, she places two bottles in […]


  • Is Your Online Marketing Smart or Dumb?

    Do you know the difference between smart and dumb marketing? Are you utilising all of your marketing resources to your advantage? Carl Burroughs explains to Bite Magazine the difference between smart and dumb marketing, and what you can do to achieve the most out of your marketing resources. If you missed this article, click here […]


  • The 3 Essential Questions to Successful Marketing

    Many practices will initiate a marketing activity that is doomed before it begins. Here are three questions to ask yourself to determine whether you are maximising your marketing activities. If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, don’t worry – you’re not alone. But experience tells me that if you are willing to apply […]


  • 5 Ways to Improve New Patient Flow

    Most marketing and advertising activities have a cost associated to them. In terms of internal marketing, these costs are usually low as creating such things as practice brochures and education brochures are not hugely expensive and are one-off costs that can be amortised over a number of years. Advertising however can be very expensive and […]