Educational Brochure

One of the main ways of changing your patient’s perceptions regarding the services that are appropriate for them is to educate them through sales literature.

Do your patients really understand all the procedures you provide and the benefits of these procedures for them and their family members?

Most patients’ understanding of dentistry is limited to their own previous experiences and most dental practices communicate little, if not nothing, about the dental options available. Patient education brochures will enlighten your patients to every aspect your practice has to offer – not only for their own needs but also the needs of the people they influence.

Unlike the generic “info sheets” available from the ADA and other agencies, your Patient Education Brochures are individually designed with your practice brand and logo, and written to promote the treatments you personally provide and the uniqueness of your service.

Promoted properly within the practice, education brochures create better questions from patients as they enquire if a procedure is applicable to them. This will also help them to become more relaxed and comfortable when in the chair as they will be more knowledgable about their treatment process.

Pending on the topic and amount of information, IDM have created a range of patient education brochure styles to cover all aspects o dental treatments.