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  • Marketing Madness

    Newspaper ads, radio, TV, ads on billboards, in cinemas, sponsorships… in the last few years I have witnessed (and been involved with) all of these types of marketing techniques trying to attract new patients into dental practices. These types of marketing activities are ‘the big end of town’, usually employed by national or international brands, […]


  • Pop-up Advertising: effective or annoying?

    We have all experienced visiting a website to find a pop up screen either trying to sell us something or to get us to register with the website. But are these pop-ups an effective way of marketing or just plain annoying? As with almost all types of marketing, it is not the medium that either […]


  • Video Content – the PERFECT marketing medium for dental practices.

    The use of video content on the internet remains the fastest growing on-line trend – a position it has held now for four years and this trend is only going to accelerate further as the internet speeds improve and data allowances increase. In short the world is getting addicted to receiving much of the information […]


  • IDM Marketing Roadshow

    Is your internal and external marketing truly effective? Marketing plays a more important role than ever before in building and sustaining a successful dental practice. How and where you are found on the internet is an imperative part of communicating with your local community. Gaining new patients through print media is still relevant in many […]