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  • How will ‘Hummingbird’ affect my Google ranking? – by Carl Burroughs

    Google launched its new search algorithm on 26th September 2013. This new algorithm is called ‘Hummingbird’ (being precise and fast). A ‘search algorithm’ is the technical term given for the method Google (and other search engines) sort through billions of web pages to return what it believes are the most relevant search results. Hummingbird is […]


  • The Rise and Rise of on-line Video Content – by Carl Burroughs

    Video content is far and away the fastest growing internet trend currently. Video is becoming the primary channel for consumers to inform themselves about a product or service, as the format can balance information and entertainment viewers can relate to on a visceral level. For the dental sector, video content is highly relevant. When a […]


  • Making the Most from Your Website – by Carl Burroughs

    So you have a website I hear you say. You use your website to promote your practice to potential patients and provide useful information to your current patients, right? Wong! The internet is now the single most effective, and more importantly, the most appropriate way to promote your practice. But having a compelling and up […]


  • The iPractice – by Carl Burroughs

    Are you missing out on the wireless community? Mobile phones have been a major part of our society for over two decades now. Over that time they have become smaller and smarter and phones such as the Nokia Communicator have been receiving e-mails and have been able to access the internet for well over ten […]